Metal Roofer Ocala, FL

Metal Roofer Ocala, FLIf you’re searching for a metal roofer, Ocala, FL, residents prefer the work of Big D Roofing Services. Since 1981, our business has provided the area with high-quality roofing installation and repair work. Many of our customers come back to us for service and support over the years. Since our founder, Don Stauss Jr., began the business, we have maintained a reputation for success. Check out our rating on Facebook. We take pride in our ability to meet our customers’ needs as a trusted metal roofer in Ocala, FL, year after year.

Signs You Need a Metal Roofer Ocala, FL

Most people don’t change their roof type on a whim. Instead, they look for warning signs indicating the need to contact a metal roofer. Ocala, FL, trusts Big D Roofing Services when residents notice the following indicators for roofing services:

  • You’re building a new home and want one of the most durable roofs on the market. Many contractors and homeowners prefer metal roofing because it will last a lifetime with proper care. The material is lightweight and comes in a variety of colors and arrangements. Whether you prefer metal shingles or shakes, you can count on our team to deliver high-quality materials and properly installed systems. As your go-to metal roofer in Ocala, FL, we focus on the big picture as well as the small details.
  • Your asphalt shingles or other roofing materials are nearing the end of their life. Traditional shingled roofing will only last a few decades with proper care. If your roof is slowly deteriorating, consider upgrading to a more durable material that will perform well in Florida weather over time. Metal roofing can last up to 70 years or longer.
  • Moisture damage is ruining your current roof. Improperly installed and maintained roofs can leak, particularly around chimneys and changes in roofing architecture. If your roof feels springy underfoot, you notice daylight peeping into your attic, or your insulation feels moist to the touch, you may need to repair or replace your roof to address the problem. If left unchecked, moisture can contribute to more-serious structural problems and mold growth.

As the go-to metal roofer Ocala, FL, trusts, you can count on our team to deliver a fair and accurate estimate for the damage in your roof. We work with both individual homeowners and construction teams to provide efficient and affordable solutions for all our customers.

  • You want to reduce your yearly maintenance and costs over time. When you decide to build new or replace an outdated roof, consider the benefits of roofing styles over time. A roof from your metal roofer in Ocala, FL, installs quickly, enjoys a Class A fire rating, and reflects sunlight on hot Florida days. Annual maintenance costs remain low over the years without sacrificing style. If you plan on staying in your home for a while, you will make up the initial cost of installation.

If an inspector or roofing specialist recommends installing a new roof, consider the benefits of a metal roof from Big D Roofing Services. As a local metal roofer Ocala, FL, locals trust, we look forward to working on your home or office. Most of our metal roofing manufacturing partners offer products with 25- to 40-year warranties, adding to the value of a metal roof investment.

Why Choose Big D Roofing Services as Your Metal Roofer?

Don’t choose the first metal roofer Ocala, FL, lists in the phonebook or online. Instead, we invite you to look at the history of the business, its reputation, and its commitment to quality. Several factors will set roofing companies apart from the competition. A metal roof can last a lifetime and deliver low-cost protection over the years, but only with proper installation and support. At Big D Roofing Services, we specialize only in roofing so we can maintain the latest industry trends and deliver superior roofing results. Choose our local business for the following reasons:

  • We are state and locally certified. We maintain our status as a State-Certified Roofing Contractor and hold professional licenses in each city and county we serve.
  • The company is a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. To maintain this title, our company maintains proper licensing, insurance, a demonstrated reputation for quality, and a commitment to ongoing education and training. Only 3% of roofing contractors qualify for master elite status.
  • We provide written contractor’s guarantees. We guarantee our work will meet certain expectations. If we fail to provide premier roofing work, we will take action to correct the mistake under the terms of the guarantee. As your metal roofer in Ocala, FL, you can count on us to deliver customer satisfaction with every service call we make.
  • We offer comprehensive roofing services. In addition to metal roofing, we offer tile and traditional roofing installation, maintenance, and repair services. We work with both commercial and residential customers in North and Central Florida. If you’re interested in a skylight installation or a solar tube/sun tunnel, we can also accommodate these customizations.
  • The job isn’t finished until we clean everything. Another metal roofer in Ocala, FL, might leave debris and scrap roofing materials lying around the job site. Our team maintains a tidy worksite and will thoroughly clean the area at the conclusion of the project.

At Big D Roofing Services, your satisfaction ensures our business’s success. We treat every customer, new and old, with the same level of respect and support during a roofing project. As your trusted metal roofer in Ocala, FL, you can depend on us to deliver high-quality roofing when you need it.

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The next time you need a roofer, we hope you’ll remember Big D Roofing Services and the name Don Stauss Jr. We offer free, accurate estimates on new installations and repair work for each project we accept, and we strive to maintain open lines of communication from the moment you call until we leave the jobsite on the last day. When you’re ready to install a high-quality metal roof, come to Big D Roofing Services – your go-to metal roofer. Ocala, FL, home and business owners can contact us at (352) 236-2959.

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