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Roofers Gainesville, FLCome to the roofers Gainesville, FL, residents trust at Big D Roofing Services. For roof repairs, new installations, and re-roofing services, you’ll find everything you need from our team. Since 1981, our family-owned business has built a reputation of success for metal, tile, and traditional roofing substrates in both the commercial and residential building industries. We work directly with contractors and individuals to provide fast turnaround times and cost-effective support. You won’t find another roofer in Gainesville, FL, as committed to your satisfaction as the professional team at Big D Roofing Services. Schedule your free assessment and estimate today.

Roofer in Gainesville, FL, for Commercial and Residential Work

As a team of roofers Gainesville, FL, locals call for repeat services over the years, we look forward to showing you what sets our work and our customer service apart from the competition. Led by owner Don Stauss Jr., Big “D,” our roofers and support team understand the current industry best practices and the best solutions for structures in Central and North Florida.

We have experience working on several types of commercial roofing projects, including metal, shingle, tar and gravel, ballasted, and commercial tile roofs. Our professional contractors work with both individual owners as well as general contractors, architects, and other construction professionals. We use trusted materials with long-lasting warranties, and we offer written contractor’s guarantees on all our work. As your roofer in Gainesville, FL, you can count on us to do the job right the first time.

Our residential work includes emergency repairs after intense Florida storms, re-roofing projects on older homes, and new home roofing installations. We can’t always predict the kind of damage a structure may carry under existing roofing, but we do provide constant communication and seek approvals for work that exceeds our initial free estimate. If you’re not completely satisfied with the work we do, we’ll make it right according to the terms of our work guarantee. At Big D Roofing Services, we understand the need to provide both top-quality craftsmanship and straightforward customer service. You can count on our roofers in Gainesville, FL, to deliver fair, timely, high-quality results on every job.

A Roofer in Gainesville, FL, That Recognizes the Signs of Damaged Roofs

Many of our customers come to us because they suspect damage in their current roofing system. Asphalt shingles, in particular, tend to wear down quickly in the rainy weather and heat we experience in Florida. When our licensed and insured roofer in Gainesville, FL, heads out to evaluate the damage, we often look for the following indicators of damage:

  1. Exposed wood sheathing, paper, or other underlayment. If you can see exposed materials due to broken or missing shingles, shakes, or tiles, the structure of your home may suffer damage.
  2. Roofing debris in the yard. After a storm, you may see large limbs in your yard. If you also see shingles or other materials in the yard, contact a professional roofer to evaluate the damage. Use extreme caution if you walk on a tile, shingle, or metal roof to gauge the damage. Note that walking on certain roofs may void the material warranty.
  3. Water damage in the attic. Mold, wet wood, and wet insulation all indicate a problem with roofing materials. Even if you cannot see noticeable damage on the outside of the structure, internal water damage may indicate a problem with the gutter system, the roofing installation, or sealants. Some homeowners may start to notice water damage in the ceilings of rooms, which may also indicate the need for a professional roofer. Gainesville, FL, residents can count on our team to deliver a prompt repair or re-roofing evaluation.
  4. Warped shingles. Asphalt shingles tend to warp around the edges when the temperatures rise and as the shingles age. If you notice warping in widespread patches, your roofer in Gainesville, FL, may recommend re-roofing and better attic ventilation. In our area, the right ventilation and roofing installation can significantly reduce attic heat and improve energy efficiency.

When you talk to roofers in Gainesville, FL, about damage you notice, ask several questions. Some unscrupulous contractors may not give you every option for fixing the problem. You can count on Big D Roofing Services to consider your budget and offer the best and most practical solutions available. As professionals who invest in ongoing training, we understand that some building owners may want to start from scratch while others need to extend the life of their current roofs as much as possible.

What Customers Say About Our Roofers in Gainesville, FL

At Big D Roofing Services, what our customers say about our services matter. Our written testimonials and social media reviews give our team the confidence to approach each job with the same level of enthusiasm and support. They also give our customers an opportunity to read about others’ experiences. We want to serve as more than your one-time roofer in Gainesville, FL. We want you to consider us your go-to resource for roofing questions, repair, and support.

Whether you need storm damage repairs, a new roof to upgrade an older home, or a roof on a brand new construction, remember Big D Roofing Services. From the moment you call, we’re focused on delivering competitive pricing, superior materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and great customer service. Our team can usually manage relatively short turnaround times, and we always clean up before we leave a jobsite. As some of the most trusted roofers in Gainesville, FL, we look forward to the opportunity to help you on your next roofing job. This attention to detail at every step of the customer journey allows us to maintain relationships with our customers.

Reach Out to Your Roofer in Gainesville, FL, to Get Started

If you don’t need roofing services right now, consider keeping the contact information for Big D Roofing Services handy. Whenever you need a new roof, a custom project, maintenance, or repair, give us a call. From small repair projects to ongoing maintenance, we strive to accommodate as many requests as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work. You won’t find another roofer in Gainesville, FL, that offers the same level of work and support.

We’ll deliver an accurate estimate and get started on the job as soon as possible. Remember Big D Roofing Services for your next roofing project. To reach a professional roofer, Gainesville, FL, locals can call (352) 236-2959.

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