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Tile Roof Marion CountyBig D Roofing Services is ready to install an attractive and durable tile roof Marion County locals will envy for years to come. Our family-owned business has provided roofing services in the area since 1981. Over the years, we’ve built lasting relationships with commercial builders and architects in the area as well as several homeowners in need of re-roofing and repair services. As the go-to source for tile, metal, and traditional roofing, we look forward to the opportunity to help you find and install an attractive and durable roof. See an example of our tile work in our digital portfolio.

Choosing a Tile Roof Marion County

A tile roof in Marion County can capture many different design styles from ancient to urban. While you may associate tile roofing with a commonly used curved Spanish tile, our manufacturing partners produce tile roofs in many different designs. Some reflect classic architecture in Sweden and Denmark while other styles hail from Germany, Spain, and Italy. People have used tiles in roofing projects for thousands of years, making them historic choices that will complement any Floridian’s home.

Like metal roofing, tile roofs are built to last. Some structures built with tile roofs long ago in China and in the Mediterranean still stand today. You can reasonably expect a tile roof to last a lifetime and beyond with proper care. Depending on the base material of the tile and the manufacturing process, tile pricing ranges from affordable to expensive. Use these considerations to guide your decision to invest in a tile roof in Marion County:

  • Ease of repair. Traditional roofing materials such as asphalt and wood may need repair work more often than tile or metal roofing. During high winds, old or improperly installed shingles can fly off the roof and expose the underlying wooden structure to moisture damage. On older homes, owners often need to replace rotted out wood supports in addition to the roof itself.

Some metal roofs contain large swaths of metal sheeting. If one area of a sheet suffers damage, an owner may need to replace the entire section of roofing. If you choose to invest in a tile roof in Marion County from Big D Roofing Services, you can easily replace individual damaged tiles as needed to keep your roof looking and performing great. With annual maintenance, a tile roof will not succumb to many common roofing troubles.

  • Aesthetic value. A tile roof adds interest to any home. The timeless and finished look of a tile roof in Marion County creates a sense of recognizable value. If you’re searching for a way to upgrade your home’s exterior while enhancing structural protection from the elements, a tile roof serves both functions.
  • The type of material. Tile manufacturers may use a wide variety of clays and concrete during the manufacturing process. Consider how certain materials will perform in the hot Florida sun. At Big D Roofing Services, we can recommend tiles that will enhance energy efficiency and protection for homes and buildings in our area.

As you consider the cost and benefits of a tile roof, we encourage you to think about how a tile roof in Marion County will impact the value of your home or office and the maintenance costs you can expect to pay over time. Often, tile roofs are both practical and affordable long-term roofing solutions. Let us help you pick out your perfect tile roof today!

Tile Roof Marion County From the Experts in Roofing

At Big D Roofing Services, we offer more than high-quality materials and a fast turnaround time. In our decades of experience, we have built a reputation for success across all areas of business. From our expedient and accurate free estimate process until we receive final payment, you can expect our dedicated team of professionals to accommodate your needs as you explore the merits of a tile roof. Marion County locals come to us for all their roofing needs, because they know and trust our people.

To provide you with peace of mind, we maintain our status as a state-certified roofing contractor. We are licensed in every county and city where we work, and our owner, Don Stauss Jr. is a factory-certified GAF master elite contractor. When it comes to a metal, asphalt, concrete, or tile roof, Marion County businesses and homeowners can trust us to deliver great results on time and under budget.

Our team of trained roofing professionals uses the same degree of care and courtesy on commercial jobs and residential projects. We know that our reputation hinges on our ability to serve you with the best experience North and Central Florida has to offer. We undergo ongoing professional training and truly listen to each of our customer’s needs, so we can create a memorable experience with each contract for a tile roof in Marion County.

Roofing Testimonials Support Your Decision to Invest in a Tile Roof in Marion County

At Big D Roofing Services, we know that many roofing contractors can talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk. To support our commitment to excellence, we look forward to each testimonial our customers send. On our testimonials page, you can see what makes us our approach to roofing different.

Whether we’re headed out to a customer’s house after a hurricane warning or we’re installing a brand new roof, we want you to think of us first when the need arises. We’re the go-to, long term, family-owned roofing business you can trust to deliver high-quality results year after year. For a tile roof, Marion County residents can always count on Big D Roofing Services.

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A tile roof is more than a way to enhance the architecture of your structure. It can also deliver superior protection and a lifetime of enjoyment. Consider Big D Roofing services the next time you need a quote on a tile roof or another roofing project. We’ll deliver an accurate estimate for our work and leave the jobsite clean at the end of the project. We welcome all residential and commercial customers in the area. To learn more about our approach to a beautiful tile roof, Marion County residents can reach our team at (352) 236-2959.

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